Looking for a tutor with experience, but not a curmudgeonly, too-serious veteran?

Looking for a tutor who practices what they preach, can explain difficult content in simple ways, and can listen and empathize to your concerns?


If you’ve ever struggled in English class, whether it’s reading Shakespearean language for your British Lit class, cracking the code to a 9 on the AP Lang synthesis essay, or just basic phonics and grammar, look no further; I’m here to help.

In the 21st century, reading and writing are crucial skills that no one can afford to struggle with. English is an important subject to master, regardless of what career you choose to pursue. You don’t want your email to your future boss to have grammar and spelling mistakes, and you can’t always trust Grammarly’s machine-reading.

Though my writing on this blog tends to lean towards cynical and/or existential concerns, I take my work to heart. I failed Language Arts in 8th grade, and after some time spent with ineffective, unsympathetic English tutors, I felt at a complete loss. Four years later, I was scoring 5s on my AP English exams, thanks to the help of some wonderful, passionate teachers whom I model my practice after.

Whether you need to meet one-on-one or in small groups, online or in-person, send me a line and I’ll see what I can do.

Contact: dimartinoad@gmail.com