Blog #15: The Professional

Looking over at my stack of business cards, my personal website, and my blog, I am amazed at what it is like to be a professional. Though I am not, by any means, a formally self-employed worker right now, a sort of successful vindication washes over me from seeing all the work I've put into … Continue reading Blog #15: The Professional



Sometimes the most challenging part of my day is fitting my thoughts into a shoebox by the closet before I fall asleep. You don’t start thinking until your shoes are on, Ms. Crawford, my sixth-grade gym teacher, would say. She would complain to us when Richie wore flip-flops to class. “Weren’t you in class last … Continue reading Shoebox

Awkward Fridays

Where the days of the week elongate And every hour seems a solar system away Creeping closer every interplanetary minute and Star citizens remind you by the hour how Wandering minds never dream in numbers Get ready for the illusion to reform and Take over your mind while you're writing  Away the words you were told … Continue reading Awkward Fridays


When you're feeling extra happy, Suck it up, stupid kid. Where's your head? Smiling, let em know you're crazy Suck it up, stupid kid. In the city the predators destroy Your dumb, stupid head. Can't wait to go back. Wait for the train with your hands Behind your back, Tied in loose knots. You're a … Continue reading Crazed

So Many Ways

 To say I have a passion in life would be underestimating. I've had a passion my whole life called "doing what I enjoy," and when I'm forced to do the opposite I tend to be unhappy. I don't particularly enjoy being unhappy. I'd rather do something I have a passion for.   There's so many different ways to … Continue reading So Many Ways