#18: The Scorned

In Destiny 2, there's a group of enemies called The Scorn, an undead legion of motorcycle gangsters who run roughshod over the Tangled Shore, scaring those who dare enter their domain with lanterns aflame and steel chains whirling. They are called Scorn as a result of their deformed appearance, maladroit personality, and vengeful motivation. To … Continue reading #18: The Scorned


Lackluster Words

The It To A The word "word" (And its plural form) Selfish Independent Wisdom Angst The word "the" White Black Gray Between Or "betwixt" Lackluster Unimpressive Meaningless Mediocre The word "ordinary" The word is dry, like a sweltering wasteland Surrounding a great, untouched library Unexplored, unlimited, omnipresent. The world demands your word.