#100: The Snow Day

Yes, it's blog #100! Isn't this special? It sure feels that way. Knowing I've kept up writing 300 words a day for about 100 days in a row now, the feeling fills me with determination! Not to mention that I've skipped a few days here and there, but for the most part, it's been a … Continue reading #100: The Snow Day



It's hot outside. Today's the kind of day you would remember from years ago, when you used to wake up at whatever time your body's internal clock thought was suitable, and in your state of remembrance, there's heat, filing your brain with red and orange-colored thoughts, and if for the fifteen to twenty minutes you're … Continue reading Heat


What's the call of the seasons? Spontaneous 90 degree weather signals Summertime is in full-force Winds of change command attention When's the next spring? When's the next autumn? Warmth warms and cool air cools But the weather improves not Summer is summer And summer never changes.