#230: The Summer

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It’s summer time. Time to party, have fun, and relax. I’ve already been able to enjoy my time to the fullest, having a few get-togethers with friends in North Haven and Stamford, and spending time with my girlfriend’s family, the in-laws. Being away from work for a bit is exciting and exhilarating, as there are so many opportunities for things to do that I wouldn’t normally be able to do. I’ve been able to rush through a lot of video games at once, playing as much as I can and exploring new worlds on the Playstation 4, while simultaneously enjoying the week off with Alex. She’s had the week off as well because she took conference time for a week, not even using her practically unlimited vacation time. So there’s tons of potential for more time off in the future for her, too.

For me, though, this vacation has been fun. I’ve had time to write, even though I haven’t been writing very much since the vacation began, and I plan on continuing my streak of blog posts throughout the months ahead. I would hate for it to slack off just because I’m lazy and unable to think of ideas. I’m sure I’ll be able to think of something, the ideas just might not be as interesting or as diverse as they would be while I’m still working for 10 months of the year. I definitely plan on continuing the blogs, regardless of what responsibilities I might have over the summer break.

Being alone during the day won’t be fun, once Alex moves into being a regular worker bee again. But I’m looking forward to hopefully starting to be more productive during my summer, and I’m looking forward to whatever that entails. Sometimes a kick in the butt like being alone for awhile is enough to push my motivation over the edge.


#229: The In-Laws

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Nothing wrong with meeting up with in-laws every once in awhile. In fact, it can be a fulfilling experience, contrary to common expectation, if you make the most of it. Currently, as I’m writing, I’m listening to my girlfriend’s mom discuss Great Lake’s Crossing and her other daughter’s job and boyfriend and everything else in mind, tax bases, mortgages, loans, future condos, attorneys, dogs, puppy mills, aquariums, job interviews. It’s all blending together in my head and none of it’s really sticking, but that’s normal when it comes to listening to people talk about things that don’t exactly pertain to my life. Having talkative in-laws means I don’t bear the responsibility of having to lead discussions when family events are coming along, and I’m happy to be the silent, awkward listener. Does anyone else feel like they end up reverting their usual obnoxiousness into silence when in-laws come around? Sometimes more powerful voices drown out other voices. It’s the ways of nature.

Normally, when people talk about in-laws, they talk with disdain or sadness or a combination of the two. I understand where they’re coming from, I really do, but it’s not always the case. I guess that’s my point from all of this. In-laws are nice to see, especially when you don’t see them for months and months and then they just show up out of the blue for a few days, upending your schedule and work and making everything hectic and different. You get used to it, though, especially when it becomes a frequent (but still random) occurrence. I like our conversations and I like being able to catch people up on things, after a long time away.

This is also one of the first blog posts I’m writing from home, after making it to summer break. I’ll write about that in another blog post after this one. Stay tuned!

#123: The Trip

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This blog chronicles pretty much everything interesting I do. Sometimes I struggle coming up with ideas to write about because I don’t often do interesting things; most of the time I’m sitting on the computer, waiting for something interesting to show up in front of me. Ironically, writing blogs is a form of distraction for me; when I decide to log into WordPress, it’s usually because I have nothing better to do and I need to occupy my time with writing. Sometimes that’s because I have the opportunity to write, other times I make the opportunity myself.

The point of this is, I don’t often do interesting things or travel very much, even though I love travelling immensely. So when Alex and I decided to book a trip to Boston for later in the month, we did so while looking forward to getting out of the apartment and exploring the city on our own.

We love Boston, and we have memories there. Alex spent two and a half months of an internship living in Boston. I visited every weekend or so, and we made sure to explore as much of the city as we could. We even found local spots, such as Coffeebreak Cafe and Acapulco’s, places with a unique, captured magic that we just wish would be replicated in Stamford. There are some places in Stamford that have their own unique magic, though, such as Corbo’s and the mall. But Boston still remains dearly in our hearts, partly because of its connection to our friends, also. I have friends who live in Boston that I still haven’t seen in ages, and I look forward to meeting them again when we take our trip.

Overall, the trip is going to be one for the ages, and there’s no doubt that it’ll be worthwhile.