frightening visions

imagine the horror on your face stoic, dignified and frightenednot because of the world around youbut because of the world around youthe manipulative paranormal visionsupon which the masses praise and allocatea brutal combination of sorrows and gloriesthere lies the last remnant of a bygone horrorright and left-winged luminaries becomingfriends?casually exchanging hand-shakes in thetelevised scenes of bipartisanship and … Continue reading frightening visions


Who woke up the neighborhood

Oh, flashing street lights, breakfast alarms Sidewalks, streams, and dirty ponds, Parked cars, wrecked mailboxes, and rain; What nostalgic paradise have you all escaped to? The neighborhood remembers these things, the Jogging neighbors and babies crying, the Driveway basketball games, and yoga, the Yard work, clean grass Days before the neighborhood Forgot itself. Three generations … Continue reading Who woke up the neighborhood

Nice Words

Newspaper headlines from alley-gangs: Explosive sadomasochism is legal in most United States Perversion never made sense to me, too off-the-wall Too counterproductive and benign to our foreign policy (If foreign is really just your consensual partner, and policy Is whatever you decide to do in your free time, wherever) Too immature - back when that … Continue reading Nice Words


Pick a side Right or left heads or tails the coin flies and You decide Whether the three-headed coin lands or at all Two sides, three sides, four? Five times six times seven Eight eagles glide Nine songbirds grace the Atmosphere with chance Potential Uncertainty Broad dilemmas ambiguous but creative Everything's (un)certain in a coin … Continue reading Coin-flip


The world is made of matter Matter made of atoms And atoms are made of themselves   The world is home to life Which demands self-satisfaction Leaving traces of the alive and dead.   The world is home to chaos Chaos full of fear and hatred And riotous greed with dedication   The world is … Continue reading Worldly

Eagle Eyes

  Omniscient eyes like those of eagles judging glances and backward stares mirroring like eagles would in the air energetic and serene quickness, alacrity with intelligence, hubris and humility, modesty in the multicolored feathers soaring like airplanes at night, under the cover of Dusk and the darkness associated with it.   Words flung across sidewalks … Continue reading Eagle Eyes

Story of the Week: “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”

Hello everyone!Today, I will be talking about one of my personal favorite classics in Huck Finn. What a book! Also, I apologize for not posting much. I've had too much to do recently, with finals approaching and preparation for summer (job hunting, internship searching, etc.) occupying my time. I've spent a lot of my time … Continue reading Story of the Week: “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”