IV: Fury


Fury, fury, furious men!

The gods always said to take what is yours,

With the world consumed in worship then

Where do we claim our domains? In the

Godless society there is only

Fury, Fury, Fury,

Out of control, unleashed furious warrior men

Claiming their own lands, rebuilding feudalism

In a few slashes of the blade across the shrines.

They battle in consumption for a stake of

The planet to serve under their fists,

Threatening the structure of nations and

The united nations bound in resolutions and

Compromises, promises, wars, and regulations and

Beyond the nations to the boundaries of society

Devoted to Lawless men and the Unjust

Rules delivered Mercilessly in the sea.

Hegemonic ideologies gone sideways and

Inward through morality, aggression, and memory,

Memories of sailing down the river and into the

Gods’ home with

Fury, Fury, Fury.

Think on your sins and repent, they claim to

The wrong men, Try to Silence the

Already-deaf and speechless and they will use

Fury, Fury, uncontrollable Fury,

Pagan gods, gone down the river as well for food

And shelter only to be massacred for more safety

And their pelts used as cloaks for the hunt.

Fury! Fury! Fury! Fury! Fury! Fury! Fury!

Gods and godless and godly be damned!

They’ve made this place godless with their sins,

This world a figment of the inevitable, the

Sacrifices, the gods, the immortal! The

Immortal the rich the successful the immortal!

The fist of Fury into the faces of

Those who defy the Lawless, those Unjust,

Inject adrenaline, anger, madness, Fury! to

Empower them, to immortalize them, those

That deserve to scream, plead, die in torture with

Fury fury! fury fury! fury! fury!