BiT: Evolution

Hello world!

As you may know, I enjoy video games. (I don’t know many people who don’t, actually; a conversation for another time!) That said, one of my great friends James Booth is working on an actual video game, called BiT Evolution. While still up-and-coming, the game intends to celebrate gaming tradition while providing a unique gameplay paradigm that both changes the mold and reminds gamers of the craft’s past. You can check the website out right here to learn more, and to hear from the developer himself.

The Evolution of BiT!

To those wondering, BiT: Evolution is a platforming adventure game that follows main protagonist BiT through an ever-changing world, with a visual aesthetic that reflects the game’s mission of showcasing the early development of gaming. The team of programmers, artists, and designers working on BiT: Evolution are talented folk – all experienced in their roles – with a great vision worth following. Follow the game’s Twitter account here.


To the left is some of the initial design for the first level, which pays homage to the Atari-era of gaming.

This game, which exudes passion and potential, deserves your attention. I sincerely recommend supporting these fine folks by visiting their website and, when the Kickstarter shows up, donating to the cause.

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The Global Twitter Community Poetry Project

Hello, everyone! This will be a short, but important post here.

I’d like to introduce this project that I’ve submitted to. It’s called the Global Twitter Community Poetry Project, and it’s maintained and organized by Michelle Vinci (@mvinci).

Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 12.00.04 AM

On her website, she describes the project as thus:

My plan is to collect a vast number of submissions, and compile all the entries into an anthology – so that the public will have access to all these great works (in both hardcopy and e-book format).

I recommend participation in this project to all of my fellow bloggers. It’s a great experience, and it’s free publishing and exposure as well as the opportunity to join your work with a great amount of diverse, global writers and their works.

To get involved, you can reach the creator on twitter (linked above) or by email (

You can see my work, as well as the works of other writers, here: