#60: The Dog Walk

Having a dog has been so good, I decided to write another blog post about the experience, this time centered around everyone's favorite group exercise: dog walks. Angus has proven to be a wonderful walking companion, from time to time, and I feel the need to share some thoughts and details about these experiences. Walking … Continue reading #60: The Dog Walk


In London

In London every street has a name (although it's hard to tell) And every train station has a train usually within a minute at least   In London every palace has at least seven bedrooms one for each day of the week And every king or queen has distant family members in every other European … Continue reading In London


The world is made of matter Matter made of atoms And atoms are made of themselves   The world is home to life Which demands self-satisfaction Leaving traces of the alive and dead.   The world is home to chaos Chaos full of fear and hatred And riotous greed with dedication   The world is … Continue reading Worldly