#111: The Dance


Today I’m going to discuss dancing, the process of dancing, and what it’s like to dance. Today (the day I’m writing this, not the day it’s published) is the day of the junior high, upper school dance at work. When I was a kid, school dances were huge events featuring fundraisers, raffles, food, drink, loud music, and lots of forced and uncomfortable socialization. That’s what being in school as a kid is mostly like, actually.

Being a bit of a class clown myself, I loved to draw attention to myself as a kid, knowing that it would be mostly positive because I was young and full of energy. People would applaud me for being brave and outgoing, when in reality, I did it because I liked to please people (and still do, ultimately). I danced at weddings all over the place, taking over the dance floor with terrible, god awful renditions of the cha cha slide and cotton-eyed Joe. This is who I was, and it almost feels weird to look back on that self, knowing who I would become in the years to come.

When I was much younger, in junior high school, I liked to dance at home to the songs I liked. Not frequently, but occasionally. I remember learning how to dance from Dance Dance Revolution, actually, because the game taught me that just moving your legs back and forth a lot can bear resemblance to a dance if you try hard enough. And I was initially pretty good at that game series, especially the Mario-themed one for the Gamecube. I was also a fan of Rock Band and other rhythm-based games, but unfortunately I never really succeeded in becoming a musical artist. Being a teenager is all about trying new things over and over, hoping that something sticks, but very few things did. Especially not dancing, now that I’m much older than then!


F o u r t e e en


How could I f4get


what i’d be to see fourteen again

-Remember when i was just a misunderstood-teen

not a four-teen

remember when i called you from my

Mom’s cell-phone and said

“Hi How are You”

really slowly.. i hated myself for it but

I was ju





c o m m u nicate my


And you said “Hi, How are YOU” back!

WOW! haha

that felt great

Four(-score and) teen (years ago)

we memorized each other’s names backwards

and! forwards

and the Gettysburg Address until our eyes bled out onto our fort-een yr old palms


i think

we were trying REALLY hard to look

the koolest

(k’s instead of c’s,

3’s instead of e’s,

spell wrong to look more like

you’re 14)

Fohrteen graphic tees

converse sneaks

you said hey let’s watch a scary movie

and i said wellll.. okay,

what-ever you say

.14hours later huddled under


i fell asleep

it was a long day

i remember fourteen

i remember being afraid

i remember fourteen

what i’d be to fourget fourteen