#18: The Scorned

In Destiny 2, there's a group of enemies called The Scorn, an undead legion of motorcycle gangsters who run roughshod over the Tangled Shore, scaring those who dare enter their domain with lanterns aflame and steel chains whirling. They are called Scorn as a result of their deformed appearance, maladroit personality, and vengeful motivation. To … Continue reading #18: The Scorned



It's hot outside. Today's the kind of day you would remember from years ago, when you used to wake up at whatever time your body's internal clock thought was suitable, and in your state of remembrance, there's heat, filing your brain with red and orange-colored thoughts, and if for the fifteen to twenty minutes you're … Continue reading Heat

Eagle Eyes

  Omniscient eyes like those of eagles judging glances and backward stares mirroring like eagles would in the air energetic and serene quickness, alacrity with intelligence, hubris and humility, modesty in the multicolored feathers soaring like airplanes at night, under the cover of Dusk and the darkness associated with it.   Words flung across sidewalks … Continue reading Eagle Eyes