#170: The Essay

This blog post is inspired in part by the comments made by a student during one of my study halls a couple days ago. We were discussing the importance of all of his classes -- science, math, and humanities -- and after discussing some of his special electives, he proclaimed proudly that he "already knows … Continue reading #170: The Essay



In London every street has a name (although it's hard to tell) And every train station has a train usually within a minute at least   In London every store has underpaid workers unless you're in Westminster And every cashier has the same shit-eating grin because they're in London, so who cares?   In London … Continue reading Towering

The Breach

Time is an astronaut and I am its copilot on this Mission to Mars Paid for by student loan sharks, Not loan dolphins GRADUATION Once more dear friends Soon until eternity Caps and gowns await Fragile, like dollar signs and Restaurant tips We’re taking these sacred moments With us into space