The Breach

Time is an astronaut and

I am its copilot on this

Mission to Mars

Paid for by student loan sharks,

Not loan dolphins


Once more dear friends

Soon until eternity

Caps and gowns await

Fragile, like dollar signs and

Restaurant tips

We’re taking these sacred moments

With us into space

Flower in the shade

Today is the day when you fall back in
And the atmosphere calls us home;
Your dreams are so grand and homely
But release your head from the stars
You’re lost in the gravity of
Black-holes, the guilty life-suckers,
The dark moons that command the sea.
So run now from their push and call,
And seek a skyward destiny;
The world is full of song and dance
A lifeless home to circumstance
And we can cut down all the trees
In a swing of the axe, but you’d
Still be a flower in the shade.

Planets of Blue

When I’m sad at night,
When I’m not feeling alright,
          Lights change great green to
Blue, and
Yellow sunbeams collapse on me
          And then this life becomes so much
Think think-around think-through
Think think thinking of you
Sometimes, all right.
          Sometimes, all night.
          (That alternate universe)
Better times coming downtown
Back to the start, first round
Lights faces shining singing
Lingering in my mind like the greasy
After-taste of
          Food, yuck
Fruit on the tree of Eden, midnight
          Godly sorrow
The kind
          Hercules would know
Late-time speeding seconds.
          Stops short of reality
Galaxy sighting out the window
At night there’s planets full of blue
And you.

Chris Hadfield’s “Space Oddity”

In case my followers or anyone really has yet to see this wonderful video, I want to share it on my blog out of sheer respect for the man who made it. It’s no surprise to people that know me well that I hold space exploration, NASA, and the ISS in high regard. Many of my poems are inspired by thoughts of space and all of the grand possibilities out there. I wanted to be an astronaut once, but now I can rest easy and admire those who have the courage to take that path.

Commander Chris Hadfield keeps up with social media (such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube) while he’s aboard the International Space Station. In the past, he’s explained how to play the guitar while in space, and why tears stick to your face when you cry in space. There’s a heaping of more insightful videos around, too, but his latest video takes the cake in the form of an inspirational message. Here, Commander Hadfield performs a slightly-edited version of “Space Oddity” by David Bowie. He is about to leave the ISS and pass his role of commander to a fellow attendee of the station. As a farewell, he recorded this video with the help of some friends down on Earth. Enjoy!

Hopefully you were as inspired as I was when I first watched the video. If you enjoyed this video, I recommend you watch the rest of his collection on his YouTube channel. His insights into science and space are tremendous.

Until next time, friends. To infinity…and beyond!

Blinded (Haiku)

Believe in me please

I could stop all time and space

If I wanted to.


But they shackle me,

Preying for desolation

Motionless and serene.


Blinded to the brick walls,

I see emptiness and minds

Floating quietly now.


From my lonely view

The world sacrificing itself

Everyone a martyr.


Believe the blind sights

They call it wisdom, I see

But cannot anymore.


Meteor Shower


The sky is falling all into one,

Conjoining and collapsing each other all

In a quick second in the late late night

And if outside looked this way every night

Then every night would be happy

And wonderful and magnificent.


For two stars collide together,

Flying two different paths

But they are both headed somewhere

Two stars shoot away, all at once,

Following as brothers, connected

But the falling ones all land

In one unending graveyard;


The night sky is a cemetery

Of entertainment and dancing

A space-coliseum of dueling and bravado,

A miser’s mansion bustling with song,

A skyscraper revitalizing a near village,

A vast ocean to swim and drown yourself in,

Full of glimmering metallic shards

Memories encased in crystal and rapid light

Soaring westward, eastward,

Farther and farther from their distant homes

Into ours

To the night sky I saw tonight,


And if the world ended in a week

I could die satisfied with this vision of

Heaven on earth forever in mind,

Its essence entrapped in a memory.

*Interestingly enough, this one was written back in December during the Geminid meteor shower. It was a truly wonderful and incomparable sight.

Homeward Bound


We would sit in my backyard in the city

On a small patch of green,

Eating Kentucky Fried Chicken and

Staring upward where

Airplanes flew over the blissful sky itself

Breaching the atmosphere and

What was left of the ozone layer, too,

And then they left Earth and flew to


Where they rendezvoused with Martians

Who were willing to help the airplanes find their way home

And all the while the food was great on Mars,

But never as good as the KFC we ate

And the airplanes

Lost and lonely in space

Cried homesick tears and fought back suicide,

While thinking of KFC, family, friends, and the city they loved,

Because from Mars they observed

Beautiful azure Earth from a distance

How insignificant they seemed from this view,

Living on a pale blue dot in space,

With the sky an endless dream

Of confusion and discovery,

Then the Martians arrived with directions,

And the airplanes

Descended to Earth as swiftly as Usain Bolt on the track,

But you could barely hear the planes descending

Noise polluted the airwaves

And Andrew and I awoke to see the airplanes

Still flying above us in the free sky,

As we sat down on the small patch of green,

And heard the yelling, the shouting, and

The dream-breaking sounds of the city.