Sometimes, being silent is virtuous. It's easy, especially when you've been wronged. Ignoring rather than engaging, casting aside rather than letting it infect you. Sometimes, it's better to wait. Waiting for people to realize exactly what went wrong, when it went wrong, why it went wrong. To engage directly with their faults and misbehaviors. To … Continue reading Silence



What are you thinking? Make an observation, "the classroom is quiet" and so are we Life is naturally loud What might scientists look for? Predators, prey The silent cries underneath green What happens to their food? Herbivores, carnivores, eaters and feeders and readers and writers Food source declining, pollution and pesticides and Human Interaction, natural … Continue reading Loud

above or below

they're sitting in the basement rooftops of sky-high-scrapers built ten times taller than the Empire State and then some, I haven't measured fifty-three million tons of concrete under their asses and fifty-three million more above them somewhere soaring rapid in waves of sound, rays of light below the sun, moon, and gloomy stars, everything below … Continue reading above or below