#356: The Peanut Butter

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Peanut butter is fantastic. It’s gooey and tasty and has all the right types of flavors in it. It makes a great companion in smoothies, for example in the AB&J smoothie that Alex makes from time to time, and it complements the other flavors in it so well. I love all the types of peanut butter RX bars that we get, whether it’s just the basic peanut butter bar, the peanut butter and berries bar, the peanut butter and chocolate bar, or more. There’s so much peanut butter out there to appreciate.

For lunch every day, I eat apples with peanut butter on them. It’s a nice bit of protein with some fruit in the middle of the day to get me energized again, and it’s dependable. It has a low chance of being unable to wow me. Even though it’s pretty basic and it’s always there, I still love eating it, is what I mean. Sometimes it’s hard to find a dependable staple like that.

I sometimes wonder what life would have been like if I went to lunch with everyone in the same lunch room and talked with them normally about things. Off-topic, I know, but the thoughts just entered my mind. Would I have stayed at my old teaching job?

As you can tell, I’m continuing my trend of talking about small things at large, by devoting whole blog posts to their discussion. Today, I feel especially motivated to churn out as many blogs as possible about small things, as a way of filling up my backlog so I don’t have to worry about writing them as much during the hectic and ridiculous week I have planned ahead. Perhaps I’ll share more about that on the next blog post. (Spoiler alert: I did, it’s a two-parter and it’s going up on Thursday and Friday to end the week with.)


#172: The Smoothie Place

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Today, I’m going to discuss Robek’s smoothies, one of my favorite spots in all of Stamford. It’s truly inspired a lot for Alex and I, and without it, I’m not sure what our dinners would look like nowadays. They’d certainly be different from the usual.

Have I already talked about this place before? I feel like I have… a part of me is convinced that this is a repeat blog post, but Alex insists it isn’t. Oh well, time to talk about it any way.

Robek’s is a great smoothie place in Stamford, centered around the Bed Bath & Beyond/Staples plaza over on Summer Street. There’s ample parking all over the place, and it’s right next to the place where Alex got her eyebrows done once. It’s also next to a Gamestop, where I can get Magic: the Gathering cards. The options are limitless here!

Robek’s has inspired our smoothie fascination. When Alex got a smoothie blender, we immediately knew we had to try and recreate as many good Robek’s smoothies as we could. And for the most part, we’ve been able to successfully replicate them. The Mango Turmeric Madness, my personal favorite, has been recreated successfully in our own kitchen, and being able to have it for dinner or around dinner every night has aided in my healthy eating habits.

One time, while coming home from Robek’s smoothies, Alex and I were standing in the elevator going up to floor six when another guy walked in, saw our smoothies, and immediately knew they were from Robek’s. He commented on them and smiled. It was a nice moment that I still remember, considering it solidified to me that Robek’s isn’t just a random place that we discovered; it’s a real hot spot in Stamford that lots of people know about and enjoy.

#37: The Smoothie

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Does it get much better than this? On a chilly day, a warm day, whatever kind of day, a fresh fruit smoothie can change everything. This is probably the whitest thing I’ve written on this blog so far, but damn do I just love smoothies.

Yesterday, I picked up Alex from the train station and we drove to Robek’s Fruit Smoothies in Stamford. It’s on Summer Street, which is about 8 minutes from our apartment. Despite frigid outdoor winds and a long day of work, we brought ourselves to the place and ordered our hearts out, like all people should when they’re at a place that brings them so much joy on a biweekly basis. Though experienced only once every few weeks, the smoothie trip is something I deeply love about living in Stamford. When we took my sister there last time she visited, I remember introducing it with so much hype, and it fulfilled those expectations.

I also have memories of staying at Alex’s apartment in Hamden and waiting for smoothies to show up. Sometimes we would go to Stop & Shop late at night, well past acceptable hours, and just relax in the aisles looking for ingredients to make smoothies with. Frozen raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, you name it. Whether at morning or at night, I loved these things. It’s almost a shame we don’t do them any more, though maybe this will be a hint for the future!

I have memories of sitting poolside at Beaches resort in Turks & Caicos, when I was much younger, and ordering Strawberry Daiquiris (non-alcoholic, of course) over and over again to sate my insatiable appetite for fruity drinks. What’s not to love about endless strawberry sugary drinks? Unlike my father, who loves fruity drinks a bit more than I do, I’m not so much interested in fruit/alcoholic mixtures (or alcohol in general). I think it’s an interesting trait between us, considering my take on it is usually a little healthier.