#343: The Halo, Part 1

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Photo by Ian Beckley on Pexels.com

Well, I had to write about the Halo series for my 343rd blog post. It’s only fitting.

For those not in the know, 343 is from 343 guilty spark, a character in Halo. It also was then taken as the name for 343 Industries, the game developer studio that creates and manages the entire Halo series. I haven’t owned an Xbox since the 360, back when I used to play on Xbox Live years ago, but those times have passed. I didn’t really have much interest in buying an Xbox One or a PS4 this generation, not until Persona 5 and Monster Hunter: World, which appropriately took over my world. I had a gaming PC for awhile and that was the most important gaming system I owned. It wasn’t worth it to spend time saving up money for a modern gaming console otherwise. I had my priorities set, pretty much.

However, every time a new Halo comes out I definitely have to switch over and figure out what’s going on with it. The series has always captivated me. I played a ton of Halo 3 online, zombie mode, ranked and competitive, team slayer, whatever was out there. I consumed Halo and Halo consumed me, back in the day. I loved the sticky grenades (or plasma grenades, as I think they were called) and I used to make tons of sick plays involving them, usually throwing them cross map and landing on someone unexpectedly. And then there’s the Forge! Nothing compares to that game’s creator mode. You could literally make anything happen there, and the game modes were unreal. I played a little bit of Halo: Reach online but it never stuck with me as much.

There’s also the campaign, which was rad and had four difficulty options, along with some “skulls” that added hidden effects and easter eggs to the campaign. You unlocked achievements for completing them all.


III: Unjust


Its the blind leading the blind these days for

The education system is so uneducated,

Hiding crucial information of the times to come,

Telling lies, acting contrived and Unjust;

The government sanctioning true freedom of thought and expression

With propaganda, the subscription to a

Free service that Doubles-back like a loan

And returns to us as a

Boomerang would if it had legs and a

Greedy and Unjust perception of informing the public

Of the disasters bound to come;

It pulls at our brains and dangles it in the distance like a

Carrot on a stick to a starving farm animal,

Which can only run as fast as it

Wishes to suffer in the end, like

Swimming against the current while

Enjoying every minute of going nowhere;

Why have the educators neglected the truth

Lurking across the horizon,

The war that the Lawless are fighting against the Unjust,

The war that the Unjust are bound to lose in the end,

For karma dictates the world as we know it.

And Fury possesses the lawless the lawless the merciless

And Fury possesses only those capable of harnessing it.

Praise the gods in the sky for their deeds

And pray on your hands and knees for

The Unjust to die mercilessly in the bonfire that

They have stoked in the middle of the Amazon.

An absurd amount of money as a bounty,

It will hook and bait its line upon the hunters,

The Lawless god-hunters and the dead ones

Banding together down the river into the woods,

Swarming and flanking the merciless fire-builders

And destroying their hopes and lights.

How Unjust must this system become before

Plummeting into insanity?

Does the armor you clad yourself in

Weigh you down inside your lake of a mindless mind?

Unjust politics fighting and mindlessly searching

Through the sea and the desert for food,

In a battle for supremacy where the Fury is building.

Unjust thinking,

Unjust living,

Unjust Unjust Unjust death forcing war.

The death of a beloved one, how Unjust is that?