Serendipity On Cedar Lane

Once last year

I went for a walk; a long walk I suppose. It was summertime

And the siblings, who would wonder where I would be,

Were off at school, probably taking another test or two.

I had to claim a destination, for I am prone to

Mindless wandering around, gazing at the point where

The sky touched the ground and feeling satisfied.

This small world made life, and it was mine

To rummage and discover once more.


I walked farther down the road,

Leisurely taking in the bland scenery I had grown

Accustomed to over the years here by

Residing around it, alongside its careful grasp.

The large trees that fell with the wind and grew

Back up had entertained me once

But were commonplace today,

Yet I remember it so vividly.

I walked farther down the road.


Nevertheless I reveled in what I saw.

Upon stopping for a moment I witnessed

The moon shrouded behind the oaks and a deep

Blue sky, deliberately blinding the innocent world

That was so unaware that the night was inevitable.

And in the role that the oaks had played,

I knew enough to say that they

Protected us, but from what I was unsure.

I walked farther down the road.


And with the night comes the day, too,

So have no fear yet for what will always disappear

In the blink of an eye, in a cycle that we accept;

And so it goes back and forth, back and forth.

Despite the endless, good-willed tunes,

The carousel halts eventually and so also

Does the amusement park it reigns over.

I walked farther down the road.


There’s a stream in the backyard of

My neighbors’ place where I used to play and

Bolt around, like the little ball lightning I

Remember seeing myself as in the mirror.

I gathered the energy today to dash through

The yard and reach the stream, which hadn’t

Any water anymore. I returned to the street, and

I walked farther down the road.


In the summertime the heat intensified my

Desire to explore, but today I knew that

There was nothing left for me to uncover,

No more rocks with special secrets underneath.

Yet upon that realization I was happy, and

The nostalgic feelings delivered me the sight

Of what I once knew so well. And I felt serendipitous, so

I walked farther down the road, and

Didn’t regret a moment spent.