Blog #17: The Unfamiliar

There is nothing wrong with learning something new, as we established in the last blog post. Being a learner, in fact, is something all of us should strive to do, as it puts us in an inquisitive, pensive, knowledge-seeking mood. But how does one approach the unfamiliar, the strange or intimidating? How do we let … Continue reading Blog #17: The Unfamiliar



Sometimes the most challenging part of my day is fitting my thoughts into a shoebox by the closet before I fall asleep. You don’t start thinking until your shoes are on, Ms. Crawford, my sixth-grade gym teacher, would say. She would complain to us when Richie wore flip-flops to class. “Weren’t you in class last … Continue reading Shoebox

The Breach

Time is an astronaut and I am its copilot on this Mission to Mars Paid for by student loan sharks, Not loan dolphins GRADUATION Once more dear friends Soon until eternity Caps and gowns await Fragile, like dollar signs and Restaurant tips We’re taking these sacred moments With us into space

Awkward Fridays

Where the days of the week elongate And every hour seems a solar system away Creeping closer every interplanetary minute and Star citizens remind you by the hour how Wandering minds never dream in numbers Get ready for the illusion to reform and Take over your mind while you're writing  Away the words you were told … Continue reading Awkward Fridays

Finals Week

Finals week, finals week oh How I love finals week! Presentations, projects galore Essays and exams more! Oh finals, finals, everywhere Stress and anxiety in the air! I enjoy this finals week of course, Now, what could ever be worse?