Iron Man 3 Trailer Thoughts

While I normally write poetry on this blog, I have recently watched the new “Iron Man 3” trailer and think that I can use this blog as an outlet for a few of my thoughts regarding it. If you haven’t seen the new trailer yet, I’ll embed it right down here:

As an avid comic book reader and fan of Marvel movies (except for “Captain America”, “Iron Man 2”,and “Spiderman 3”,) I am very, very excited for this movie. Hot off the events that transpired in “The Avengers”, this movie is sure to include a great character arc in Tony Stark that we haven’t seen since the first Iron Man movie. Right after a near-death experience at the end of “The Avengers”, Stark wants to stay calm and protect the one love in his life. However, as you can see through the trailer, relaxation is unlikely. The Mandarin always brings out the best in Tony Stark, in my opinion. Both are masters of wit, and match each other in intelligence. I cannot wait to see their interactions in this one.

“Iron Man 3” introduces the Hulkbuster, the Iron Legion, Deep Space armor, the Extremis suit, and much more. Any fan of the Iron Man comics should be with me on this one: this movie is bracing to be a truly epic film, worthy of watching.