#172: The Smoothie Place

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Today, I’m going to discuss Robek’s smoothies, one of my favorite spots in all of Stamford. It’s truly inspired a lot for Alex and I, and without it, I’m not sure what our dinners would look like nowadays. They’d certainly be different from the usual.

Have I already talked about this place before? I feel like I have… a part of me is convinced that this is a repeat blog post, but Alex insists it isn’t. Oh well, time to talk about it any way.

Robek’s is a great smoothie place in Stamford, centered around the Bed Bath & Beyond/Staples plaza over on Summer Street. There’s ample parking all over the place, and it’s right next to the place where Alex got her eyebrows done once. It’s also next to a Gamestop, where I can get Magic: the Gathering cards. The options are limitless here!

Robek’s has inspired our smoothie fascination. When Alex got a smoothie blender, we immediately knew we had to try and recreate as many good Robek’s smoothies as we could. And for the most part, we’ve been able to successfully replicate them. The Mango Turmeric Madness, my personal favorite, has been recreated successfully in our own kitchen, and being able to have it for dinner or around dinner every night has aided in my healthy eating habits.

One time, while coming home from Robek’s smoothies, Alex and I were standing in the elevator going up to floor six when another guy walked in, saw our smoothies, and immediately knew they were from Robek’s. He commented on them and smiled. It was a nice moment that I still remember, considering it solidified to me that Robek’s isn’t just a random place that we discovered; it’s a real hot spot in Stamford that lots of people know about and enjoy.


#114: Claire’s

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Let’s talk more about a very specific type of place: Claire’s Corner Copia in New Haven. It’s a wonderful, natural, vegetarian restaurant with an extensive menu filled with lots of delicious, nutritious options that won’t make you feel bad after eating them (at least, most of the time…; more on that later.) It’s the perfect place to relax, unwind, sit down, and listen to the general commotion of New Haven.

I love the chipotle chicken sandwich, and Alex loves the meatloaf. We also order smoothies when we get there, sometimes a Power Surge, sometimes a Greener the Cleaner or a Mango Lassie. Other times, we order the black bean nachos and take it into the car with us, where Alex and I work together to feed each other. It’s a bit romantic, I guess.

One story Alex and I will never forget is when we went to Claire’s for one of our birthdays, I forget which. I think it was Alex’s, actually. We both ordered the mac n cheese after thinking about it constantly on the ride over. When we saw the mac n cheese in the “hot food” section of the restaurant, we fell in love at first sight and immediately decided to order it next time we were there.

Unfortunately, both of us ended up with terrible stomach trouble and had to rush into the Subway bathroom to take care of it, if you catch my drift. This is because we didn’t realize to order the vegan, or dairy-free, cheese. I don’t fault the restaurant at all for this, as it was moreso our usual idiocy at play. If it were any other restaurant though, maybe I would take a second to consider their role in this, but Claire’s is different. Claire’s is wonderful.

#52: The Barbecue

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Barbecue food is some of my favorite, and as someone who’s a tad overweight, I like to imagine barbecue food is probably one of the reasons for my status. It’s irresistible; some spicy pork, some bbq brisket, nothing better. The spice hits my teeth and upper mouth as the brisket goes down my throat, and my face explodes in deliciousness and joy. Something about the crunch as I bite into the meat adds to the deliciousness formula here, factoring into my enjoyment somehow. Mouthfeel matters when it comes to food, as it’s one of the primary reasons why I dislike some staple foods; the texture in my mouth isn’t enjoyable or interesting or takes too much work to get through to get to the good stuff.

The other day, Alex, Bella, and I went to Dinosaur BBQ for dinner, which is just down the street from our apartment complex. Shout out to Mom for covering our dinners! I tried something new this time, the BBS, which I’m not sure what it stands for. Bella got a cheeseburger with bacon, medium, and Alex got an indescribable salad (indescribable because I don’t remember much of it, just that it was a large mass of a salad and that the server didn’t bring it back when we asked for it to be brought home.) Dino BBQ didn’t disappoint, as the food was excellent, the atmosphere was enticing, and the music was popping. Unfortunately, as mentioned a bit before, the server was in another world of his own, not really paying any mind to our table. To be fair to him, the restaurant was packed full, and the line outside the door when we left probably prompted them to work faster.

We also noticed two people standing near our high table, by the bar, who stood for an hour straight with their beers, talking to people without ever sitting down. I would hate to go to a place like this and not have the option to sit, but they did have the option; they just forgot about it or were ignorant to the idea of sitting. A total conundrum.