#85: The Millennial

I am a millennial. A word often heard in the media, used as a scapegoat for the country's problems: "Millennials aren't investing in the stock market as much as previous generations," "Millennials don't care about the housing market or lottery tickets or old mall favorites like Macy's," "Millennials don't want kids any more!" I read … Continue reading #85: The Millennial



Young men are driven by desireSeeking not justice, but self-Fulfillment, and Satisfaction.In walks an exceptionally rich Young man, master of an estateHe was delivered by-will,A mere twenty years of age,Dreams of money, and a girl.The lost woman of his dreamsA zombie by any other name,Wanders into his land, slowly, andAppears before him outside his home.Silence corrodes … Continue reading Brains


It's the short sounds of beady alarm clocks and the dazzling artificial desklamp lights that distract me. The hairy arms and legs and feet that cover my soul-like physicality and the cartridges of colored ink lying despairingly on the floor next to the printer they were attending to, desperately, as they lost attention. The azure-coated love stickers … Continue reading Distractions


death followed him wherever he went sickness trailed behind in a wake of delusion I felt hypnotized by his pale eye's stare and his illness tracked me down as the sickness trailed behind in a wake of delusion, but what's the sickness? indecipherable, and the hypnotized men followed him to cotton beds, lined up and waiting … Continue reading psychosomatic