#94: The Poem

I want to talk about my style of writing poetry recently, and how it's developed over time. It's changed in countless ways in the time since I last wrote a serious poem about life. When I first started writing poetry, I was a complete failure. Too much dry emotion, too many verbose phrases and cliche … Continue reading #94: The Poem


F Word

Crumpled up piece of paper found in the trash between lunch periods, between gum-stained homework and block erasers an outline of a small hand, all five fingers, one extended further upwards than the others, and a message in all caps, scratched out in pencil, still legible despite this it says, "Mr. D" and then trails … Continue reading F Word

(Intro) I love audiences

I love audiences when they're not paying attentionto me; if the ceiling is more interesting thenCarry on, Mr.Ceiling, please do.You have funnier stories, clearer rhetoric,You're more captivating than my boring ideas.Though I'll continue talking because I love audiences, evenwhen they're staring me down waiting forsomething witty or intelligent to escape me.But it won't come. At … Continue reading (Intro) I love audiences