Can you smell if your eyes are blurred? Can you eat if your nose is stuffed? Can you hear if your hands are cold? Can you feel if your mouth is closed? Can you see if your ears are clogged? Empathy, for a moment, please It's all we need



Testing, one... two... three... Silence, Everyone silent This is a test, remember Take your test ticket, sign in, wait quietly; don't forget to be quiet, quiet as a bug, motionless and easily squished beneath pressure "How do Victor's actions develop the story's theme?" "Which detail from the text best supports your answer?" "How does this … Continue reading Test


What's out there? Is there anyone else around? Listen. What to hope for, what to dream for, a mystery to me Nothing on the horizon, the sun is all but gone Shambling from town to town, a forgetful husk waits for Fridays and Saturdays at the expense of his Mondays and Tuesdays When the weekend … Continue reading Future


Being independent means being able to say "No more," to friends who are toxic, to family who act numb, helpless, brainless, leeches sapping all your energy and good will, giving nothing in return But being independent means not owing anything to anyone any more Being independent means refusing to visit on holidays, refusing to acknowledge … Continue reading Independent


What are you thinking? Make an observation, "the classroom is quiet" and so are we Life is naturally loud What might scientists look for? Predators, prey The silent cries underneath green What happens to their food? Herbivores, carnivores, eaters and feeders and readers and writers Food source declining, pollution and pesticides and Human Interaction, natural … Continue reading Loud