#340: The Late Run

two men running

Photo by RUN 4 FFWPU on Pexels.com

I recently wrote a blog titled “The Run,” so here’s another one along the same lines, called “The Late Run.”

This is going to be about those nights when I really need to fulfill my sugar craving, or ice cream craving, or gum craving. That last one probably only happens to me, but I love gum a whole bunch and could chew it pretty much all day if I had enough supply to last that long. Gum is awesome, cleans your teeth, and keeps your mouth fresh. It’s a triple-whammy.

This is going to be about those nights when I really have to go to CVS, even though I don’t want to drive the car this late at night and while raining outside. The conditions really aren’t ideal, but I still need to fulfill that urge, one way or another. I guess it’s time to go to CVS.

I begrudgingly press the down key on the elevator and wait patiently as I can hear the elevator’s chimes along the chute as it rises up to the sixth floor. The door opens slowly. I can hear someone’s dog clawing at the elevator’s hand bar. Just my luck.

Near the entrance to CVS, a woman is pacing back and forth with both her hands covering her ears. She’s talking on the phone to someone loudly, probably because she can’t hear too well, probably because she’s also covering her ears. Nothing can stop me as I walk into the store, except for the lack of available carts and baskets. I look needlessly at the cashier who obviously has no idea where the baskets are either. I walk around the store carrying a bunch of snacks at my chest, looking like a spoiled child with too many toys. It’s the thought that counts, you know.

#26: The Pharmacy

Appreciate the simple things, including regular trips to the pharmacy, and you will find more joy in your life. Aspiring for grand heights is admirable, but sometimes it’s nice to relax without performative evaluations on your career. Relaxation, for me, can come from meditating a bit on a small but meaningful weekly adventure.

This brings me to Alex and I’s general store round-up. Our apartment now resembles the CVS holiday section as equally as it resembles Ikea. The weekly round-up starts the same way every time: a forgotten item on the grocery list, a running list on the fridge that grows and grows until it’s so much more than imagined. The pressure to cross them off the list lingers overhead like a constant reminder. Suddenly the time arrives; it’s tonight or never.

Maybe it’s just the thrill of taking something new and fresh off the to do list, or maybe I like shopping for random items at CVS and adding them to our apartment aesthetic (I roasted myself before, but I do appreciate how affordable CVS holiday items are.) Or the snacks and mentos. The cheap but long-lasting holiday candles, peppermint and pine grove and sandlewood. The fresh Powerade bottle, a waterfall in my mouth. The Dunkin coffee drinks, a midnight energy boost. The new facemasks and treatments and spreads. The inevitable ice cream or jerky or Sun Chips added to the cart at the last minute. There’s a lot to love about these spontaneous trips to the pharmacy. It’s a small but wonderful thing, like a small wonder for this week overall.