Blog #6: November Writing

November means writing. I associate November with NaNoWriMo just as much as I associate it with Thanksgiving and Black Friday. This November, I'll be devoting my NaNoWriMo to an extended series of personal blog entries, written throughout the month and about various topics. This isn't the first, nor will it be the last in the … Continue reading Blog #6: November Writing



Happy birthday to me, Still writing on WordPress @ 24 Celebrating birthdays on Facebook @ 24 Sharing memes on Twitter @ 24 Twenty-four hours a day Learning to write poetry again, learning To organize my thoughts better, learning To use the English language Better At least better than before Learning how to ride a bike … Continue reading 24


Yes, I'm gonna flake this one out Not sure of the words To say to make you feel Less angry But tonight my cramps And sadnesses Assault my defenses, Crunching inward (Twig sounds in the foreground) And Anthony can't, won't stop The paralysis from following this Sarcophagus sinking Deeper into the ruins And deeper Into … Continue reading Flake


Sometimes the most challenging part of my day is fitting my thoughts into a shoebox by the closet before I fall asleep. You don’t start thinking until your shoes are on, Ms. Crawford, my sixth-grade gym teacher, would say. She would complain to us when Richie wore flip-flops to class. “Weren’t you in class last … Continue reading Shoebox


Contagious but not infectious Symptoms may last up til 72 hours Or more, we don't really know May or may not include nausea Pneumonia headaches chills and fevers Spontaneous mental loneliness Unattached mood swings Anxiety while driving Mundane tasks not the same Irrational emotions Longing for unattainable things like Unwritten books letters and journals From … Continue reading Homesickness

(Intro) I love audiences

I love audiences when they're not paying attentionto me; if the ceiling is more interesting thenCarry on, Mr.Ceiling, please do.You have funnier stories, clearer rhetoric,You're more captivating than my boring ideas.Though I'll continue talking because I love audiences, evenwhen they're staring me down waiting forsomething witty or intelligent to escape me.But it won't come. At … Continue reading (Intro) I love audiences

Mixed Emotions

Ahh ha-ha!Bright todayDim tomorrowSink awayRise laterSeein the sun at NightAin't so hard If you know where to lookAdjust your telescopeTake a peakSagarmatha summitsLurk in plain sightWhen you see emSkies partLife starts.