Each Night

Each day separate but Each night I think the same thoughts I don’t know what it is I miss That I can’t find here Whether it’s the cold weather Breeding chilly complacency Or the familiar structures The short paved roads The unused swimming pools Or the stark red stop signs The roar of neighboring motorcycles … Continue reading Each Night



There's something peculiar about dusk Which forces my creative self into action Beyond my capabilities during the day The dusk commands me, through itself Into escaping thoughts and melodramas Time past midnight is cause for sanctuary Risk not a minute without a pen in hand And an open notebook facing the ceiling Staring into the … Continue reading Night


Midnight? When I was younger, midnight was a hazard. A horror. So, midnight? What made midnight so frightening as a child? Was it the tales of Bloody Mary, ghosts, and spectral beings which confounded me? Probably. I remember hearing from a kid in 4th grade that if you look into a mirror, say "Bloody Mary" … Continue reading Midnight?