#25: The Wide Ocean

Black skies, night breeze, liquid moon. Darkness under, over, around you. A fear re-experienced on a ferry, a cruise, a trip to the beach. No matter how harmless the location, it finds its way back. When your feet disappear in the murky sea, when the waves open up and swallow you under, when the motions … Continue reading #25: The Wide Ocean



Into the natural worldI dive headfirstBrain charged and sureBut one must abandonTheir head in the ground;In the blistering sunsetsOur hearts take-overThe streaming lightsTouch the soulThe auburn muses singFor the purity of the mind,While it's liftedFrom the EarthTo the domain of the Aurora

Mixed Emotions

Ahh ha-ha!Bright todayDim tomorrowSink awayRise laterSeein the sun at NightAin't so hard If you know where to lookAdjust your telescopeTake a peakSagarmatha summitsLurk in plain sightWhen you see emSkies partLife starts. 


Why's the terrain so cruel? A misstep leads to pain A bad decision, solidarity An immoral dilemma An unethical quandary Earth's cruelty strikes hot Against thick criminal skin Punishing punishers, Violent vagabonds and Ferocious fiends Vengeance is sightless, Like storms, quakes, Hurricanes by the shore. This land wasn't made - It was torn by the seams … Continue reading Reachers


The world is made of matter Matter made of atoms And atoms are made of themselves   The world is home to life Which demands self-satisfaction Leaving traces of the alive and dead.   The world is home to chaos Chaos full of fear and hatred And riotous greed with dedication   The world is … Continue reading Worldly


What's the call of the seasons? Spontaneous 90 degree weather signals Summertime is in full-force Winds of change command attention When's the next spring? When's the next autumn? Warmth warms and cool air cools But the weather improves not Summer is summer And summer never changes.