#51: Medicine

doctor pointing at tablet laptop

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The field of medical and health sciences helps one of us earn a livable salary and serve the needs of people. Alex’s studies into medicine and biology are many, and they’re always interesting to listen to her talk about. It’s a subject I have very little familiarity with, so it’s a whole new world to learn about, while being taught by someone who understands and respects your level of knowledge. What else could a budding novice ask for as a student? Our conversations are entertaining and stimulating, so it helps me learn more by making it fun. Yes, learning can be fun. It’s best when it’s fun, although I had a hard time making learning fun when I was a teacher; often, when faced with all the world’s anxieties in your head, your creativity and enthusiasm disappear and you’re left with the bare bones, old reliable methods of teaching.

But back to talking about medicine. I’m writing about this subject because I’ve run into repeated problems with getting my medicine delivered in a timely, appropriate manner. Whether it’s the doctor’s office requiring an unexpected, last minute visit to verify my health prior to taking my prescribed medication, or the pharmacy delaying my pick-up for a week without prior notice, there’s no limit to the amount of surprises (as well as frustrations) in store for someone whose health is unfortunately tied to the red tape of juggernaut pharmaceuticals. Something always tends to go wrong whenever I need it the most, and that unfortunately leads to even more withdrawal and anger symptoms. Oh well, nothing I can do about it at this point except write about it on my blog, and then return to complaining about it in my head for another week or so, until the prescription is filled. This life is neither fun nor easy.



death followed him wherever he went

sickness trailed behind in a wake of delusion

I felt hypnotized by his pale eye’s stare

and his illness tracked me down as the

sickness trailed behind in a wake of delusion,

but what’s the sickness?¬†indecipherable,

and the hypnotized men followed him to cotton

beds, lined up and waiting for our sicknesses

to kick in, and it’s all in their heads, as

my oxymoronic mind coughed up blood

filled with pale eyeballs and sick children,

as sick as me and the pale eyed man were.