Sensing Fear (Haiku)

Please turn on the lights I am afraid and lonely And I need a drink.   Please shut the windows. The wind screams and roars angrily, And it bothers me.   Please lock the front door, It threatens me so deeply And I smell deceit.   Please oust the portrait It stares into my small … Continue reading Sensing Fear (Haiku)


I: Mercy

In the wilds of the industrial jungles and wastelands screams the holy, divine light of mercy; Angels and demigods of steel and iron, twisted into creation by apocalypse and mercy And among the lifelessness, the domination, the rule of the economists dwelling in the dark, Listens the suicidal warriors fighting against everything spiritual they claim … Continue reading I: Mercy


Madness isn't madness while you’re aware of it; It’s the truth, justice, righteousness, you see; Madness is a label for those who know; It’s an insult, judgment, madness, you see; I know what Madness is, I know it true and true; It’s an insight, perception, enlightenment, you see; Madness shuns you, and you cannot have it; It’s … Continue reading Madness