#194: The Free Weekend

Today, I'll be talking about plans Alex and I have set for our free weekend coming up. I usually go to my friends' places over the weekend for a night, as a way of relaxing and getting away from stressful environments. But this weekend, I have no such plans with my friends and I am … Continue reading #194: The Free Weekend



Can you smell if your eyes are blurred? Can you eat if your nose is stuffed? Can you hear if your hands are cold? Can you feel if your mouth is closed? Can you see if your ears are clogged? Empathy, for a moment, please It's all we need


Remember when we used to beTogether, walking somewhere all-rightAlongside, reading something decentThe days, when we wrote shitty storiesThe hours, when we had nothing to doThe minutes, when we smiled on endIn a blink, it’s all goneRemember when we would relaxIn your room, reveling in mediocrityBy the canal, sinking into the sandI like to think, it’s … Continue reading Someone


Young men are driven by desireSeeking not justice, but self-Fulfillment, and Satisfaction.In walks an exceptionally rich Young man, master of an estateHe was delivered by-will,A mere twenty years of age,Dreams of money, and a girl.The lost woman of his dreamsA zombie by any other name,Wanders into his land, slowly, andAppears before him outside his home.Silence corrodes … Continue reading Brains


They say every person needs a partner Every life needs another; To seek, embrace, complete it. But I don't buy into that gypsy philosophy, Practiced by fools and wayward spirits. Heart's weren't made in a lock-and-key fashion, Never have I noticed my heart missing A second half, atrium and ventricle absent. Love has never soothed … Continue reading Synchronicity