#77: The Anniversary

Two years. Two full years. Wow. Think about something you've done for two years straight. No interruptions. Does anything fit the bill? Is it tough to think of an idea? I hope to, one day, have written daily blogs for two years straight. Reaching the illustrious #728 would be a great achievement to tout, though … Continue reading #77: The Anniversary



Remember when we used to beTogether, walking somewhere all-rightAlongside, reading something decentThe days, when we wrote shitty storiesThe hours, when we had nothing to doThe minutes, when we smiled on endIn a blink, it’s all goneRemember when we would relaxIn your room, reveling in mediocrityBy the canal, sinking into the sandI like to think, it’s … Continue reading Someone


Young men are driven by desireSeeking not justice, but self-Fulfillment, and Satisfaction.In walks an exceptionally rich Young man, master of an estateHe was delivered by-will,A mere twenty years of age,Dreams of money, and a girl.The lost woman of his dreamsA zombie by any other name,Wanders into his land, slowly, andAppears before him outside his home.Silence corrodes … Continue reading Brains


They say every person needs a partner Every life needs another; To seek, embrace, complete it. But I don't buy into that gypsy philosophy, Practiced by fools and wayward spirits. Heart's weren't made in a lock-and-key fashion, Never have I noticed my heart missing A second half, atrium and ventricle absent. Love has never soothed … Continue reading Synchronicity


Sleep is difficult when the lights are on And the sun shows its face in the window. But it's 5am and the birds chirp loudly When they first awake to call to their kin. I've been up all night writing a draft Of a note of an essay to someone, Who won't ever see it, … Continue reading Dear

Music Class

Three times over I say I'll sing you a song, I'll sing you a great song, you know, a big, Beautiful fantastical long one Like when we used to play with the recorders in music class And the keyboards in the sixth grade And I would sing, sing, sing along to your tunes and Love … Continue reading Music Class


starstruck coated sparkling golds and silvers lathered platinum angels and anticipated arrival but as it came I turned starstruck conscious of the world but focused on a moment that's fleeting nature confounded me and I must oust the memory from my mind before it consumes me.