So Many Ways


To say I have a passion in life would be underestimating.


I’ve had a passion my whole life called “doing what I enjoy,” and when I’m forced to do the opposite I tend to be unhappy. I don’t particularly enjoy being unhappy. I’d rather do something I have a passion for. 



There’s so many different ways to express creativity nowadays, one of which being through a blog, like this. Blogs let you speak on your own platform, under (largely) your own rules, with a heaping of critical analysis possible through the efforts of other, like-minded bloggers. I love that.


But there’s more to life than blogging. There’s the impassioned side of me that frowns upon uncreative tasks, unimaginative jobs, and all the other boring subsets. I don’t love that, yet I do it anyway.



And when those tasks, jobs, and subsets bore you to tears, make you cry from agonizing pain, you realize you’ve spent too much time away from the side of you that you’ve come to embrace the most: the artistic, the passionate, the lovely creative world. My summer has not been, for the most part, creative; work has consumed what I call “passion-time” and “normal-time.” Like a deadly infection, the virus of work spreads into unwanted areas of my system until I’m totally consumed by the short but important phrase, “the customer is always right.” Because she is. I’m not a customer though. I just work.



It’s times like these when you forget how many ways there are in life to express your passions. I’ve found that there’s a way for me to be creative at work – instead of following the same, boring formula of “yes” or “no” questions and repetitive conversation, I like to engage in creative discourse, depending on how I feel at the time, so as to enrich the customer’s experience while also giving me a reason to be happy while stuck for another eight hours in this place. 


I like to think that there’s someone on the other line of the phone with a need that I can address. I like to think I can take the extra step by having some fun while maintaining the serious, business composure of retail work. 

There’s so many ways to express your creativity, and although I haven’t posted very much on this blog, that’s because I came to understand that it’s not the only way for me to stay passionate and unique. You should try it, too.











Magic: the Gathering Grand Prix Providence


After days and weeks of long preparation and study, I can say that I am one day away from attending the Magic: the Gathering Grand Prix Providence event. Of course, my preparation has been minimal and my study nonexistent. But I’d like to think that, after all is said and done, I had an enjoyable experience playing a game that has occupied a good portion of my time in the past year and a half.

Magic: the Gathering (or Magic, as we call it for ease of use) is a Trading Card Game, playable in many different formats, and played with an unlimited amount of people. Generally, Magic players form small groups of fellow players, and trade, play, and draft together. Trading and playing seem like givens. Drafting, however, is an activity that probably requires explanation, as it is what I will be participating in this weekend at the Grand Prix. When I attend the convention center tomorrow, I’ll be drafting with two of my friends, on a team. Typically, I find strategizing as a team much more fulfilling than strategizing alone, as the chemistry that emerges from interacting with teammates who depend on your success makes for more anxiety, and ultimately more potential for unpredictable excitement.

“Drafting” involves opening booster packs, filled with Magic cards, which you use to make a deck. “Drafting” also tends to promote the “limited” format, in that players are limited to the cards they pull. It’s the most appealing structure to people who don’t want to spend tons of money on a structured, play-tested deck in one of the more eternal formats. Essentially, drafting is the most fun for me.

The Grand Prix takes place over two days, from Saturday to Sunday, with those who make it to Sunday having guaranteed to make money. We haven’t booked a hotel yet, but I imagine we’ll find a way to live…somewhere. I’ll be driving with two Eagle Scouts, so I don’t doubt we’ll end up somewhere in the woods camping between the days. How fun!

Tomorrow, I will be drafting with a team of two people, among hundreds of other teams of people. While I don’t expect to win money, I do think it will be a fun time with friends in a large, geeky setting. This will be my first GP, and hopefully the first of many more to come. I’ll hopefully be able to keep you guys updated amid the chaos and ruckus of thousands of people running around trying to trade each other cards and battling with them, too. In the mean time, that’s all for now!

I apologize for not writing often, even though I assume not many of you mind.