The Earth is Hollow (Haiku)

the earth is hollow

like a corpse or a sweet

apple, ripe but barren.



Blinded (Haiku)

Believe in me please

I could stop all time and space

If I wanted to.


But they shackle me,

Preying for desolation

Motionless and serene.


Blinded to the brick walls,

I see emptiness and minds

Floating quietly now.


From my lonely view

The world sacrificing itself

Everyone a martyr.


Believe the blind sights

They call it wisdom, I see

But cannot anymore.


Sensing Fear (Haiku)


Please turn on the lights

I am afraid and lonely

And I need a drink.


Please shut the windows.

The wind screams and roars angrily,

And it bothers me.


Please lock the front door,

It threatens me so deeply

And I smell deceit.


Please oust the portrait

It stares into my small eyes,

And I am afraid.


Please stop the madness,

It touches my shoulder now,

And I have much fear.