Happy birthday to me,

Still writing on WordPress @ 24

Celebrating birthdays on Facebook @ 24

Sharing memes on Twitter @ 24

Twenty-four hours a day

Learning to write poetry again, learning

To organize my thoughts better, learning

To use the English language


At least better than before

Learning how to ride a bike

For the first time, learning

To be an adult, mature and unimpeachable

Despite inner failings, learning

To spill out my brain more frequently,

To reduce my sanity to ash

In the evenings,

Learning to cope with who I am

Forced to be

Nothing else

Not getting better

Until it gets worse


adolescence is a brilliant recollection;

adolescent days were spirited and bright,

minutes and seconds passed like hours,

and the slow process of teenaging halted

during bookish weekdays.

adore the essence of pre-adult reflections,

the tragic evanescence of youth time

It made me realize that there’s more to

the grim spectacle we call life

Than the undying cycle of living and passing

It made me realize there’s a journey to

Behold beyond the gates of imagination

A place inscrutable, barren and foggy

Unknown til now through teenaging years.