The Cross

Four years ago, I would have never imagined to be wearing a cross upon my neck. It's the kind of symbol that represents everything I so vehemently protested against - organized religion, faith, theism, the concept of a benevolent God in such a malevolent world. All in the name of cause. Like an angst-filled teenager, … Continue reading The Cross



Collectively we bundle into one thought, one mind, one soul I would stand with the oversoul against the tides for hours Meditating on lost words others must know in past lives Before I lived on the earth the oversoul was here, one being And it needs no introduction, beyond its broad, specific existence A zealous … Continue reading Oversoul

Eagle Eyes

  Omniscient eyes like those of eagles judging glances and backward stares mirroring like eagles would in the air energetic and serene quickness, alacrity with intelligence, hubris and humility, modesty in the multicolored feathers soaring like airplanes at night, under the cover of Dusk and the darkness associated with it.   Words flung across sidewalks … Continue reading Eagle Eyes

V: Silence

I can feel the Silence, the Silence from a distance, The sound of a word misunderstood and Never to be read again. The sound of words without pages, dancing In freedom, liberty and freedom underground; It's calming and pure and gracious Down in the dryness of nature inhaling Deeply the unfiltered air of dirt and … Continue reading V: Silence