Nice Words

Newspaper headlines from alley-gangs: Explosive sadomasochism is legal in most United States Perversion never made sense to me, too off-the-wall Too counterproductive and benign to our foreign policy (If foreign is really just your consensual partner, and policy Is whatever you decide to do in your free time, wherever) Too immature - back when that … Continue reading Nice Words



He laughed lazily in a sunbeam Shining decently on his forehead It made him seem golden, golden Like the laugh he loved to release. It was autumn and the leaves colored His day with shades of yellow again. He laughed at the autumn leaves And seemed golden under them. The lady nearby asked the man … Continue reading Golden


Big birds flying over the sunset breeze Sick twisted men shouting in the seas Train track thespians trekking through the trees Sing-a-long barneys making their own histories Male model men marching money mysteries Wroth wrecked warlocks wrestling swiss cheese Apocalyptic apathy apples aching to appease Calm cool communists communing with their skis Rampant red range-rovers … Continue reading Improvised

Ulysses the Communist (Alphabetic Sequence)

Today, I felt compelled to write a sequence poem. Sequence poems use every letter in the alphabet in sequence. I find them very fun! You should try one, too. They rarely make sense, but they're always entertaining in the end! A brilliant communist died erroneously from gonorrhea. He injured justices, kidnapped losers, murdered numbers of people quizzing … Continue reading Ulysses the Communist (Alphabetic Sequence)