Contagious but not infectious Symptoms may last up til 72 hours Or more, we don't really know May or may not include nausea Pneumonia headaches chills and fevers Spontaneous mental loneliness Unattached mood swings Anxiety while driving Mundane tasks not the same Irrational emotions Longing for unattainable things like Unwritten books letters and journals From … Continue reading Homesickness


Look Away

Dear you, What’s the matter Are you scared? Why are you scared? Are your fingers numb? Are your toes itching? Why are you nervous? Nothing’s the matter, Don’t worry anymore Nothing’s going to change, Really Except your home,  But you knew that already. Right? They’ve been planning the move Since your birthday; Didn't they tell … Continue reading Look Away

Who woke up the neighborhood

Oh, flashing street lights, breakfast alarms Sidewalks, streams, and dirty ponds, Parked cars, wrecked mailboxes, and rain; What nostalgic paradise have you all escaped to? The neighborhood remembers these things, the Jogging neighbors and babies crying, the Driveway basketball games, and yoga, the Yard work, clean grass Days before the neighborhood Forgot itself. Three generations … Continue reading Who woke up the neighborhood