#225: The Expo

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Have you ever heard of E3? It stands for Electronic Entertainment Expo, and it’s an event that takes place once a year at the beginning of June and promises to hype up any video game fan from around the world. It’s known for delivering the biggest announcements, the most shocking reveals, and gameplay footage never before seen. When new games are said to be announced, they’re brought out on the floor of E3 first and foremost. That’s why people tend to gravitate towards this event so heavily; it attracts attention by nature of its grand scale and all the video game industry developers who treat it like the biggest deal in games. By being treated this way, it also becomes like that.

I always look forward to Nintendo’s presentation the most, partially because I’m a huge Nintendo fan, but also because I love how Nintendo presents their information in such a concise, clean, and clear way via the Nintendo Direct. After the Direct stream is over, they switch over to the Treehouse stream, where people from around Nintendo play the games that were unveiled or previewed during the Direct. This gives people the chance to experience the games firsthand, if they’re present at the event, or watch them for the first time, if they’re watching the streams from home. There are always some surprises in store for the Treehouse stream afterwards, so it’s usually worth watching and catching up on regardless of if you are busy.

I was most hyped about Banjo-Kazooie being added to Smash Bros Ultimate. What’s better than seeing an old character from one of your favorite games added against all odds? A Microsoft property brought into a Nintendo title for the very first time in over 20 years. It’s a miracle and a dream come true for me.

#192: The Episode

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Spoilers ahead, obviously, if you haven’t watched the most recent Game of Thrones episode.

In continuing the trend of discussing Game of Thrones on this blog, I’ll be talking about how it felt to watch Game of Thrones with another friend with us over the past weekend. Instead of watching on Sunday, we waited to watch on Monday with Hallie as a way of giving us something to do while we were together. We hadn’t watched Game of Thrones together in years, the last time probably being in 2014 during study abroad, but we still managed to talk about it despite not seeing each other very much. It was a wonderful experience to get to vocalize our complaints, criticisms, and thoughts to each other, like an audience that’s right there for us to interact with.

The episode featured a lot of romance, and a lot of interesting interactions and conversations between the characters. Some of the scenes felt especially fanfictiony, but mostly it was a good, quality episode with dialogue that featured conviction from the characters. One thing I will always love about Game of Thrones is the interactions between the different characters, how they respond to each other within difficult situations, their storied histories and thoughts unfurling in front of us as the story moves forward. It really rewards long-term investment and understanding of the different characters.

The episode moved at a quick pace, but also allowed for the characters to really dive into their different feelings about the previous episode, featuring the Long Night and the invasion of the white walker army (and its defeat). The final two episodes are coming, and I can’t wait to see what they do next. It’ll be interesting to follow the last two episodes, considering this has been a show I’ve been into for so long. It’s all coming to an end soon.

#129: The Wrestler

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Let’s talk about something I don’t usually have the chance to talk much about, and that’s good old-fashioned wrasslin’ (or wrestling, if you want to be more precise). Since I was young, I’ve been into the professional entertainment phenomenon that is wrasslin’, even though I don’t keep up with it nearly as much nowadays. The problem is, there’s so much programming going on nowadays that it’s impossible to keep up with completely unless you make it your full-time job. As a result, you have to pick and choose what to watch or commit yourself to. Every day of the week, for at least a few hours each block, there’s some show on television or the Network that you can watch. It’d be ridiculous to have to sit down and watch everything.

It all started when I was a kid. I remember getting a Rey Mysterio action figure for one of my birthdays, and I thought he was the coolest looking dude in the world. With his question mark shirt and his gleaming, shiny pants, it’s no wonder I was fascinated by his style. It also happened because of my dad; it’s one of the things that he’s left me with, and that’s an interest in professional wrasslin’. My dad still boasts about seeing Wrestlemania 3 in a movie theater when he was a kid.

Then, when I was in college, I found myself in a group of online friends that still watch the shows together, and I kind of gravitated towards them because of it. I became interested in new wrestlers of the new generation, and so did my friends, so we shared those interests and high-stakes moments with each other. Nothing is better than sharing hobbies with others; it provides the immediate, instant gratification of companionship that makes hobbies so enjoyable.