Beneath the sky

When I was young and ignorant The Earth was flat. Trees hadn't made any sounds, Even after collapsing then Inside a lonesome wood. When I was sick I saw no signs; But of course the black and gold letter Below the telescope stood out. It said not to look at the sun Through my demonic … Continue reading Beneath the sky


Mixed Emotions

Ahh ha-ha!Bright todayDim tomorrowSink awayRise laterSeein the sun at NightAin't so hard If you know where to lookAdjust your telescopeTake a peakSagarmatha summitsLurk in plain sightWhen you see emSkies partLife starts. 


Why's the terrain so cruel? A misstep leads to pain A bad decision, solidarity An immoral dilemma An unethical quandary Earth's cruelty strikes hot Against thick criminal skin Punishing punishers, Violent vagabonds and Ferocious fiends Vengeance is sightless, Like storms, quakes, Hurricanes by the shore. This land wasn't made - It was torn by the seams … Continue reading Reachers


Collectively we bundle into one thought, one mind, one soul I would stand with the oversoul against the tides for hours Meditating on lost words others must know in past lives Before I lived on the earth the oversoul was here, one being And it needs no introduction, beyond its broad, specific existence A zealous … Continue reading Oversoul


The world is made of matter Matter made of atoms And atoms are made of themselves   The world is home to life Which demands self-satisfaction Leaving traces of the alive and dead.   The world is home to chaos Chaos full of fear and hatred And riotous greed with dedication   The world is … Continue reading Worldly

above or below

they're sitting in the basement rooftops of sky-high-scrapers built ten times taller than the Empire State and then some, I haven't measured fifty-three million tons of concrete under their asses and fifty-three million more above them somewhere soaring rapid in waves of sound, rays of light below the sun, moon, and gloomy stars, everything below … Continue reading above or below