Midnight? When I was younger, midnight was a hazard. A horror. So, midnight? What made midnight so frightening as a child? Was it the tales of Bloody Mary, ghosts, and spectral beings which confounded me? Probably. I remember hearing from a kid in 4th grade that if you look into a mirror, say "Bloody Mary" … Continue reading Midnight?



Remember the woods in our backyard? It always scared us, then and again When our dreamy, exploring minds Craved fantasy and wonder. I can't imagine a yard without life Breath, Wind, Sun, Space abound Childhood creativity impossible Without room to grow Spaces to fill with predictions Amass the ideas into a collective And share with … Continue reading Plain


He laughed lazily in a sunbeam Shining decently on his forehead It made him seem golden, golden Like the laugh he loved to release. It was autumn and the leaves colored His day with shades of yellow again. He laughed at the autumn leaves And seemed golden under them. The lady nearby asked the man … Continue reading Golden