Yet Again

You see, it isn't easy coming back from the edge and surviving Living to tell more tales, to die another day, to give it all another shot Yet again, those thoughts return like bees to their hives, ears ringing and eyes bulging Yet again, like residual hatred, like time itself it can be delayed but … Continue reading Yet Again



What are you thinking? Make an observation, "the classroom is quiet" and so are we Life is naturally loud What might scientists look for? Predators, prey The silent cries underneath green What happens to their food? Herbivores, carnivores, eaters and feeders and readers and writers Food source declining, pollution and pesticides and Human Interaction, natural … Continue reading Loud

F Word

Crumpled up piece of paper found in the trash between lunch periods, between gum-stained homework and block erasers an outline of a small hand, all five fingers, one extended further upwards than the others, and a message in all caps, scratched out in pencil, still legible despite this it says, "Mr. D" and then trails … Continue reading F Word