Blog #13: The Fantastical

In the debate between fantasy and science fiction, I've always leaned more towards fantasy. Magical spells, elves and half-orcs, epic quests, and limited technology are some of the hallmarks of a fantasy story, and to me, when these elements are combined in the right order and with the right attention to detail, they result in … Continue reading Blog #13: The Fantastical



In London every street has a name (although it's hard to tell) And every train station has a train usually within a minute at least   In London every store has underpaid workers unless you're in Westminster And every cashier has the same shit-eating grin because they're in London, so who cares?   In London … Continue reading Towering


Yes, I'm gonna flake this one out Not sure of the words To say to make you feel Less angry But tonight my cramps And sadnesses Assault my defenses, Crunching inward (Twig sounds in the foreground) And Anthony can't, won't stop The paralysis from following this Sarcophagus sinking Deeper into the ruins And deeper Into … Continue reading Flake


leaving behind stress, pain, frustration, and worst of all the anxiety of stakes raised too high of endless camera flashes of powerless accountability but guilt, regret, nightmares remain no easy antidote to self-inflicted toxicity, it must be left alone


Sometimes the most challenging part of my day is fitting my thoughts into a shoebox by the closet before I fall asleep. You don’t start thinking until your shoes are on, Ms. Crawford, my sixth-grade gym teacher, would say. She would complain to us when Richie wore flip-flops to class. “Weren’t you in class last … Continue reading Shoebox

So Many Ways

 To say I have a passion in life would be underestimating. I've had a passion my whole life called "doing what I enjoy," and when I'm forced to do the opposite I tend to be unhappy. I don't particularly enjoy being unhappy. I'd rather do something I have a passion for.   There's so many different ways to … Continue reading So Many Ways