Montage Lit Reading

Hello, great people! I've just returned from what was one of the more interesting events of my life, to say the least. For the second time, I've been asked to read some of my poetry in front of a crowd. Although both events happened on a small, almost personal scale, never in my life did … Continue reading Montage Lit Reading



Eleven 29 o'clock in the evening and the room is still a mess.Basketball shoes, running shoes, Gatorade bottles and Torn-up papers from last semester probably strewn across The floor like deserted strangers, unnecessarily flung into abyssalApocalyptic wastelands of trash heaps and garbage disposals. Eleven at night and there's nothing to drink up but the Gatorade,And the sounds of … Continue reading Eleven

Finals Week

Finals week, finals week oh How I love finals week! Presentations, projects galore Essays and exams more! Oh finals, finals, everywhere Stress and anxiety in the air! I enjoy this finals week of course, Now, what could ever be worse?