#68: The Bike

No, I never learned how to ride a bike. I failed at pretty much every attempt, and after repeated failures and my father's growing impatience with me, I resigned myself from ever learning how to ride. It made my childhood feel a bit like I'm missing out on something, because as an adult, it is … Continue reading #68: The Bike



Midnight? When I was younger, midnight was a hazard. A horror. So, midnight? What made midnight so frightening as a child? Was it the tales of Bloody Mary, ghosts, and spectral beings which confounded me? Probably. I remember hearing from a kid in 4th grade that if you look into a mirror, say "Bloody Mary" … Continue reading Midnight?


Remember the woods in our backyard? It always scared us, then and again When our dreamy, exploring minds Craved fantasy and wonder. I can't imagine a yard without life Breath, Wind, Sun, Space abound Childhood creativity impossible Without room to grow Spaces to fill with predictions Amass the ideas into a collective And share with … Continue reading Plain