Have you ever seen a charcoal sky?
A polluted air, a grayish reflection?
The charcoal immolates the country
Factories move the process along,
To promote the general welfare,
To sustain the flowing ecosystem of
Coal, fuel, Carbon dioxide
Living harmoniously
With the natural world
Kumbaya, Hakuna matata
More like
Veni, vidi, vici
Holy in moloch.
The dogma adapts, the
Fraud joins with us,
Like nature itself.
Each monument a disaster
Thrown into a cataclysm
Surrounded by an apocalypse
Caused by a miasma,
Founded on our basic humanity.
White zombies appear nightly,
Crying from the basements of stairways;
Poverty is so cruel;
Animals, soulless critters,
Filthy pigs and tigers locked away for madness
Corrupted air breeds the
Primitive, poor minds it shuns
Those born into the jungle
(Tabula rasa, all is possible)
Suffer politely under the chaos
One with the machine
Above the white zombies, doom,
Imminent collapse of civilization.
Waterfalls, brilliant skies,
Angel hair and angel eyes.
Roses growing in cemeteries,
Violets growing in bedrooms.
Holy before the Gods
of Industry, Stock markets,
Legacy funds, War bonds,
Divine taxes, Corporate bail-outs
Kneeling, impoverished men
And women awake to darkness.
The miasma grows,
The charcoal emerges,
The crude oil surges,
The evil air inhales happiness
And exhales death,
Up-, up- to the sky.

If I Could

No, there’s not a time machine waiting

At the other side absolving all regrets and secrets

The mysteries presented through your teenage years

Disappeared long ago when you grew up

No chance to move back.

No, there’s not a bright light shining

Behind the door with glimmering eyes and sanctuary

The charitable salvation dignified your mistakes

Sins faults features human and worth embracing

No sanctuary to cling to.

No, there’s not a long staircase towering

Above your head leading to distant dream lands

That sings ballads to the simple living folk

With eyes closed but open elsewhere

No dreamland to plead for.

No, there’s not a metropolis bustling

In the transcendental nature of humanity

Crashing and burning under greedy infrastructure

Built to reinforce the regrets you forgive in the bedroom

Nothing to exploit.

If I could I would step away.