#69: The Brothers

“My Brother, My Brother, and Me,” also known as MBMBaM, as I’ll be referring to it for the rest of this blog, is one of my favorite things in the world, and it’s only fitting that they earn the title to blog #69. I’m actually surprised it took this long for me to talk about them on here! They’re such a valuable and positive part of my life, consistently filling me with joy during difficult times. Let’s talk about them.

MBMBaM is a family-based, comedy and advice-driven podcast lead by three brothers: Justin, Travis, and Griffin, from oldest to babiest brother. It never fails to provide me with laughter and joy, as the brothers discuss ridiculous questions and give ridiculous answers to those questions. Whether they’re answering a Yahoo Answers question or a question submitted by one of their fans, the comedy never stops. The questions serve mostly as improv stems, as the brothers use them to riff off of each other and build into jokes. They are comedians, but not in the traditional sense; they depend on each other in order to make their comedy, as the interactions between brothers is what sets this podcast apart from others. Because they are brothers, they share a close, familial connection that shines through all of the mayhem.

But probably my favorite part about the McElroy brothers is their openness, tolerance, and general kindness. Every one of them values people and their feelings above all, does not disparage or “punch down” on vulnerable or marginalized folks, and demonstrates good, positive character values. I love listening to them because I know that they will have worthwhile advice underneath all the chaos and laughter, and that they will never betray their values. As someone who sometimes feels like the world outside of my little bubble is breaking down around me, in an existential nightmare, it feels good to add this podcast to my little bubble of positivity. It consistently never disappoints in that regard.

Also, the brothers have worked hard to attract amazing online communities with similarly supportive and generous people, cultivating safe spaces. The teacher page I am a part of is a consistent source of professional inspiration and feedback on questions, while the Wonderful! page provides small joys and a reminder that people can be good. I think part of the reason why they are able to attract these people to their community is because they openly and honestly discuss mental illness as well, primarily social anxiety and imposter syndrome as they become more famous in the world.