Flower in the shade

Today is the day when you fall back in
And the atmosphere calls us home;
Your dreams are so grand and homely
But release your head from the stars
You’re lost in the gravity of
Black-holes, the guilty life-suckers,
The dark moons that command the sea.
So run now from their push and call,
And seek a skyward destiny;
The world is full of song and dance
A lifeless home to circumstance
And we can cut down all the trees
In a swing of the axe, but you’d
Still be a flower in the shade.



Take me to your black hole garden

Let me drown in the gravity trap

Light escaping never-ending daydreams

You tell em the future is ours,

But I’m stuck in an event horizon,

And plenty of dark matter to go around;


Shoot me through space to the sun

So I can burn away incinerated

A pile of ashes in a blazing sea

Black hole garden planting life away

Imploded in a supernova I still

See your face and it’s collapsing

Smoothly into a silver masterpiece,

A sunrise in dusk spiraling outward,

Eclipsed in sunlight I see oblivion.

Gods give me back to space, to space.