Beneath the sky

When I was young and ignorant The Earth was flat. Trees hadn't made any sounds, Even after collapsing then Inside a lonesome wood. When I was sick I saw no signs; But of course the black and gold letter Below the telescope stood out. It said not to look at the sun Through my demonic … Continue reading Beneath the sky


above or below

they're sitting in the basement rooftops of sky-high-scrapers built ten times taller than the Empire State and then some, I haven't measured fifty-three million tons of concrete under their asses and fifty-three million more above them somewhere soaring rapid in waves of sound, rays of light below the sun, moon, and gloomy stars, everything below … Continue reading above or below


Shadows, shadows beneath Moonless nights, all dark and disturbing Stars falling in the gloomy distance Sunless afternoons, lightened and grand In destructive and apocalyptic conditions And wave to the moon before it passes away, Say your last words to the white and black Under its dark shadow Nothing lights except the stars, the people, Miles … Continue reading Moonshadow