Having fun

What will they think when they check Facebook, And see you hanging out, having fun? What will they think? I'm no stranger to salacious social media gossip / in high school a clique was formed around laughing at junior prom outfits / as every dress and tux pairing posted on Facebook / within moments the … Continue reading Having fun


(Intro) I love audiences

I love audiences when they're not paying attentionto me; if the ceiling is more interesting thenCarry on, Mr.Ceiling, please do.You have funnier stories, clearer rhetoric,You're more captivating than my boring ideas.Though I'll continue talking because I love audiences, evenwhen they're staring me down waiting forsomething witty or intelligent to escape me.But it won't come. At … Continue reading (Intro) I love audiences

Story of the Week: “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”

Hello everyone!Today, I will be talking about one of my personal favorite classics in Huck Finn. What a book! Also, I apologize for not posting much. I've had too much to do recently, with finals approaching and preparation for summer (job hunting, internship searching, etc.) occupying my time. I've spent a lot of my time … Continue reading Story of the Week: “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”


Showtime Ready the cameras, the lights, the production Let the crowd rush to their seats It's showtime They'll stand, scream, yell At the top of their lungs in anarchy With brutality and fervor It's showtime They're cheering, they're singing along They've paid all their money to witness Showtime And I'm the showstopper.


Big birds flying over the sunset breeze Sick twisted men shouting in the seas Train track thespians trekking through the trees Sing-a-long barneys making their own histories Male model men marching money mysteries Wroth wrecked warlocks wrestling swiss cheese Apocalyptic apathy apples aching to appease Calm cool communists communing with their skis Rampant red range-rovers … Continue reading Improvised

Music Class

Three times over I say I'll sing you a song, I'll sing you a great song, you know, a big, Beautiful fantastical long one Like when we used to play with the recorders in music class And the keyboards in the sixth grade And I would sing, sing, sing along to your tunes and Love … Continue reading Music Class


hatemachine marchin to war poundin the drums pushin the children to tears angermachine burstin through blastin down the walls that you called home once for the angermachine prayin for the angermachine hatemachine singin mozart singin shakespeare, beethoven singin joyce and poe and picasso as he burns em to the ground hatemachine gonna nuke the world … Continue reading Hatemachine