What the shit is a crisis but a tragedy A tragedy is an abomination A terrible, terrible thing That no human should have the power to replicate Tragedies every day, in every setting I hate them Hospital bedlights gleaming Synchronized with patient screams And brutal decapitations, embarrassing Guillotines lined through the hall and Reared for … Continue reading Tragedy



hatemachine marchin to war poundin the drums pushin the children to tears angermachine burstin through blastin down the walls that you called home once for the angermachine prayin for the angermachine hatemachine singin mozart singin shakespeare, beethoven singin joyce and poe and picasso as he burns em to the ground hatemachine gonna nuke the world … Continue reading Hatemachine

IV: Fury

Fury, fury, furious men! The gods always said to take what is yours, With the world consumed in worship then Where do we claim our domains? In the Godless society there is only Fury, Fury, Fury, Out of control, unleashed furious warrior men Claiming their own lands, rebuilding feudalism In a few slashes of the blade across the shrines. … Continue reading IV: Fury