#270: The Aether, Part 1

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Aether, in the world of Final Fantasy, is an advanced form of energy, or magic, that permeates all life. It allows everything to exist in harmony, and with it, all life is able to function.

Common to many fantasy or science fiction worlds, the concept of an all-encompassing life force is not exactly original or groundbreaking in any sense. But Final Fantasy is, arguably, the series that created or at least heavily inspired this concept, and every game in the series, despite different settings, characters, stories, etc., includes the same general rules of nature. Its lore doesn’t precede Lord of the Rings, but not many recognizable fantasy series can make that claim. However, it’s a series I have had little experience with. I have honestly never played a Final Fantasy game beyond Final Fantasy XIV, the MMORPG. While all games in the Final Fantasy series are role-playing, not all games in the series are single-player. There are Versus games, for example.

But, unless you count a close familiarity with the characters of Kingdom Hearts as a decent tie-in to Final Fantasy as a series, I have no connection to it. That’s one of the reasons I was excited to try Final Fantasy XIV for the first time, and another reason why I’ve stuck with it for a bit. On the one hand, I have friends who play the game, and the social aspect of gaming is essential to me. but on the other hand, I have World of Warcraft, another MMORPG that I’ve invested a decent amount of time into already. There isn’t a supreme need for me to replace that with another MMORPG. I guess what I’m saying is, to move from one to another is a big task, and it’s not exactly easy. While the systems might be similar, the flow of the game will be completely different just in combat alone.